Rescued Birds

This is a sampling of the various birds that Wings Rescue Center volunteers have helped in Aransas County. While all birds rescued receive help, unfortunately not all survive to be released back into the wild. We do our best to help them. Donations support our rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Barn owl eggs were rescued. One successfully
hatched and is being raised.

Great Kiskadee

Although rescued in Rockport, this baby Screech Owl
was transferred to the ARK in Port Aransas as Wings
doesn't handle raptors.

It took several weeks to finally get this distressed loon!

Band-rumped Storm Petrel are pelagic birds and rarely are found ashore. 

Baby Barn Swallows
Baby Barn Swallows grown up and released

Black-bellied whistling ducks


Juvenile tri-colored heron
Red-shouldered hawk

Rock pigeon

Baby Woodpeckers
Green Heron
Young Ibis
Young Roseate Spoonbill
Caspian Tern

Red shouldered hawks

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