Sunday, February 17, 2019

From Egg to Owl: Riggs is Released

On Saturday, February 16, Riggs, a young barn owl, was released into the wild at the Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary in Rockport. 

Because WRC is not licensed to raise raptors (yet), Riggs was transferred to our partners at the ARK in Port Aransas. From there, he moved to the Texas State Aquarium's SeaLab to build flight strength in their large flight cage and learn to self-feed. Saturday Andrew Orgill with the ARK transported Riggs back to Rockport for release. 

As noted in previous posts, four barn owl eggs were brought to Wings Rescue Center by some firefighters in early September 2018. WRC is the only center in the Coastal Bend that will incubate eggs. Bird Momma, Verba, a volunteer watched over the eggs until two hatched. Only Riggs survived but he has thrived. 

A large crowd, which included staff and volunteers from the partnering rescue and rehabilitation centers, along with members of Aransas County Bird and Nature Club, the Master Naturalists, and Firefighter Riggs were on hand to wish Barn Owl Riggs a happy, high flying life. All are hoping he will enjoy the owl box that was donated to the Castro Nature Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is located at 4041 Highway 35 N (Business 35) and is part of Aransas Pathways.

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  1. It was an amazing experience to participate in this release!